For the development of Thrissur, Sakthan Thampuran had invited few Catholic families to Thrissur and requested them to reside at Thrissur. Our family is also one among them invited and stayed at Puthenpetta town. At Thrissur, Kottekkattu, there was as business center and a port for down loading and uploading goods from the boat. Still there is a place named Attoru nearby that. It is assumed that Thykkattil family was migrated from Attoru. So their family name Thykkattil added with Attoru as "Thykkattil Attoru". Just to support that, there are some families with their family name Kattookaran, Ollukaran, Pazhukaran etc. Detailed family history can be downloaded from the e-Magazine.

We, Thykkattil Attokaran family members unanimously formed a committe. Below are the details about the committee members.

Devassy A.A.
Jose A.A.
Lazar A.G.
Working President
  Jose A.F.
Joseph A.A.
Stephy John Antony A.J. Paul A.G.
Tomy A.L. Gejo A.A. George Attokkaran
Francis A.V. Francis Kurian Antony A.V.
  Mathew Attokkaran